AI sales team assistant

Special forces for Pimcore implementation & development

Divante is a Pimcore Exclusive Partner and core contributor to the platform. It's one of the biggest eCommerce Software Houses in Europe, employing more than 150 people. Our core competencies are built around PimCore, Magento and bespoke software projects. 

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Automaticly capture data from Sales Reps emails

How many new and existing clients they contacted, how often they send emails and see the response time

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We have already helped with the successful Digital Transformation of enterprise companies around the world:

Divante is a core contributor to the platform and PimCore exclusive partner. We build PIM & CMS based on Pimcore5 and contribute to popular plugins for Pimcore (Messaging System, Elastic Search Support, Workflow).  

Our core competencies are built around  Pimcore, Magento and bespoke software projects (Symfony3, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js). We specialize in complex and sophisticated integration projects trying to connect hardcore IT with good product design and UX.



Our clients are market leaders. We have aholistic approach to, and deep knowledge of the scalability of eCommerce systems.  We are able to optimize the cost of maintenance and optimization for eCommerce systems. 



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Head of communication at Norstedts

Olle Lidbom

The new website is  modern, fully responsive, and we've taken a great step into the future with it.  The database of books and authors is huge but Divante's work makes it run effortlessly.

We have worked together  closely to ensure a solid development roadmap in-line with our business needs. This has greatly improved overall efficiency and the rate at which we have been able to develop our platform.

Patrick McCabe

Head of Digital at Odlo

Divante realised a big quality impulse for Onderdelenwinkel thanks to their deep knowledge of Magento. It's great to work with people who think ahead and who will not fear to go the extra mile.

Paul Celie

CTO at Onderdelenwinkel

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Automatically collect leads, see team activity, improve their performance.

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Check your Sales team performance

Easily find clients with an increase or decrease in communication and sentiment. So, for example, you can find clients or deals at risk.

Know what your clients are up to

Control Sales Engagement in one tool

Magento Integration


See which topics we are being discussed with clients. Then check recently received files or sent to these clients.


Check whether the number of messages is increasing or decreasing. Control actual stage of the sales pipeline.

See who from your sales team is involved in the discussion with the client and how many messages were exchanged.



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For each account, you can see who is involved in communication from both sides and which files were sent.

AI sales team assistant

Salespeople hate:

Wasting time updating the CRM every day

Forgetting to follow up

Filling in CRM data about lost opportunities

Sales Managers need to:

See an up-to-date sales pipeline

Understand activity and performance of each of the sales reps

Have easy access to account and lead details

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