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Alex Pilguy, 

CEO Decima Digital, Magento Expert

CTO Divante

Piotr Karwatka, 

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Product key features

  • Current solution audit - performance tests + code review;
  • New solution design - architecture, selection of components, taking into account the expected traffic parameters and SLA;
  • Implementing recommendations:

We work on both: Magento 1.x and Magneto 2.x - Community and Enterprise

Architecture - We take care of it at every layer

Odlo.comLinda farrowsmyk.com 
cdp.pl tim.pl - these are just a few examples of Divante’s implementations used to process thousands of transactions per day with millions of users per month. The recipe for Magento scalability doesn’t have to be complicated. We have the secret recipe and it’s called Divante Scalability Framework. It’s a ready-made, proven solution that we can apply to your store.

If your store requires high availability, (fast debugging) then it becomes our priority. We prepare standard architecture in 2N model (so single point of failure) or N + 1.

See additional features for SLA offer .

  • Varnish cache - allowing to optimize the load times of static files and application pages (such as a product sheet, 
    a list, homepage);
  • Redis - optimizing session support and Magento cache;
  • Distributed FIle System - NAS or GlusterFS supporting upload 
    and serving a large number of files in the cluster;
  • Ngix/apache configuration for computing cluster support 
    + HHVM  configuration if necessary;
  • Replacing MySQL database to PerconaDB + hot backups;
  • Separating static files and/or configuring CDN

Top notch technology partners

Approach - Safety First!

Implementation is carried out by a Divante team (architect, administrator, developer) under the supervision of Piotr or Alex. We estimate the project budget. Once this is accepted, we can set joint priorities so that we can achieve the greatest effects as quickly as possible. As a part of the recommendations, we strive to achieve horizontal scalability by:

  • Introducing cache layer and centralizing cache mechanisms (Varnish Proxy + Redis cache).
  • Introducing load balancing mechanism (solution tailored to the infrastructure - e.g. Haproxy or hardware solutions)
  • Introducing database replication, to speed up read time (master-slave replication)
  • Optimising disc access and creating a disc cluster (separating static files, CDN, a cluster of distributed file system)
  • Introducing a monitoring system (New relic), which will give you a complete view into application response time and will identify system bottlenecks.


Fixed EUR 3,000 net:

Analytics/feasibility study/code review - code audit and simple performance tests are performed (JMeter) as well as analysis of the logs and monitoring systems. Then, a report is prepared, which is the starting point for further action.

EUR 150 per WH:

Architecture design - based on the reported needs/problems and analytics, the architecture is prepared (a Word document + diagrams + detailed to-do list) - what servers,  which layers, what software should be leased, what the configuration should be. This consulting stage usually takes approx. 40-80 hours of work - EUR 4,000-8,000 net.

EUR 100 per WH:

Implementation - pay-as-you-go model; most components can be implemented within EUR 3,000 -10,000 net depending on the requirements.





Portfolio - Success stories

Sport/Fashion; +43%CR after optimizations; unavailability incidences limited to under a minute per month using 2N architecture; site speed increased by 50% minimum.

Toeys/Fashion; up to15,000 orders per day; more than 7K concurrent users; a few million unique users per month; SLA guarantee in under 1 hour for critical fixes; full 2N architecture maintained.

Tech/B2B; up to 1M SKU’s in database; more than 3,000 orders per day (1,000 per hour during peaks); SLA warranty in under 1 hour for critical fixes; full 2N architecture maintained.

Loyalty/Banking; SLA with under 1 hour warranty for critical fixes at 99.99% monthly: 
full 2N architecture maintained.

Do you know the Witcher game? Day 0 premier generated huge traffic peaks but we were there to ensure it worked through it all. Consistency through 5K concurrent users, digital content downloads, etc.

Additional features

Divante S.W.A.T.
SLA warranty up to 99.99% at 1 hour fix time; 24/7 for critical issues.  Read more.

Pricing: EUR 1,000 - EUR 5,000 depending 
on SLA level.

Development Team
Magento development done under Senior Certified Magento Developer’s supervision with architect support;

Pricing: EUR 50-70 per hour.

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